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Aaron Wickramasekera

Aaron is a personal trainer and a body transformation coach. As a teenager Aaron faced a lot of problems with keeping his weight under control which is the exact reason that led him to make a drastic change in his life and go from being fat to fit.

In doing so he spent countless hours researching and spent over nine years perfecting his knowledge in this field all while mastering the application of it in almost every possible training method technique and diet imaginable.

Since then Aaron has shared his experiences and techniques with countless clients who he has helped to achieve the physique they desire.

'Achieving the desired goals that you deserve does not happen overnight but with the correct approach to fitness , nutrition and the right mindset anything is possible.'

- Aaron

aaron WIckramasekera yoga teacher testimonials 2019 annie au yoga
aaron WIckramasekera yoga teacher testimonials 2019 annie au yoga

Belen – London

I loved Aarons Teachings, He is a really funny guy with a big personality but he also very precise in everything that he is instructs you in. His classes are challenging but a lot of fun.

Anna – UK

Aaron is very knowledgeable teacher. In his classes you feel very safe, supported and encouraged. I definitely recommend him and his teachings.


Annie Au

Annie is an international yoga teacher and writer. Before yoga, she was a professional dancer for 9 years and struggled with body image, dieting, and injuries. She found her way to yoga initially for healing but over time transformed from struggle to empowerment through the practice of yoga and meditation.

From science to ancient scripture, Annie borrows the wisdom from all paths to create her own philosophy of life. Through teaching and self-practice, she offers a unique East-meets-West approach on how to create tranquility while living in a Western world.

'Consistently doing what we love is what keeps us alive. With proper guidance and methods, we embark the fast track of self-actualization and live out the life we design.'

- Annie