Our Success Method

Is where you are today, where you want to be?

Being in your best shape, traveling the world, meeting amazing people, and building a meaningful community could be one of the many goals you have for your one precious life. However, as we grow older, we might find ourselves trapped in the midst of social norms and are restricted from doing what we love to do. You now go through the same motions day-in and day-out, and the dreams that you’ve once had are now a distant memory.

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The reality is- the innocence and powerful vitality of living out our deepest desires is not reserved for children only.

as[ire life fitness yoga retreat 2019
We exist to help you claim back what you deserve to live out.

At Aspire Life, we believe in order to realize your goals, you need to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Our philosophy of life is built upon the six pillars of success:


Apart from practicing yoga to strengthen and lengthen our body, yoga sharpens our mind and increases willpower. You might find yourself in poses that you’d never imagine doing in this lifetime. But isn’t that the course of life? We find ourselves in unimaginable situations and how we navigate in and out of them will shape our character and even destiny.


What does fitness really mean? Being able to run five miles? How about ten? It really comes down to a matter of perspective. We all come from different stages and walks of life. Although regardless of where we come from one thing is for sure- there is always room for improvement.


A distracted mind brings low productivity and confusion in our everyday life. Meditation is exercise for the mind in bringing absolute focus on a mental object you choose. Having full control over how you want to channel your mental energy will take you onto the fast track of realizing your goals.


This may possibly be one of the most important yet most overlooked keys to success. In order to achieve anything whether be it physical or mental, how well we are nourished will without a doubt play a vital role in its outcome.


We are surrounded by distractions that deviate us from our path to success. Although we believe that these are necessary in life, after all isn't it said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy? But that being said we also believe that everything should be done in moderation.


We believe that what we love to do should integrate into our lifestyle without any hassle and should be sustainable enough to carry on for decades to come. Bottomline- you shouldn't have to pick between work and play. Sustaining your passion in your daily requires flexibility and adaptation.

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