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Jungle Beach is a luxury beach resort that tastefully incorporates all aspects of nature such as existing trees and other natural plant life into the structure and design of the hotel so much so that on first appearance it may seem like a very luxurious tree house. When you are here you can treat yourself to one of our three room categories that either face the beach, lagoon or jungle. As it is based in close proximity to the town of Trincomalee it offers a range of adventures, excursions and sightseeing opportunities that explore both the local areas landscape and as well as the other attractions that the East coast of Sri Lanka has to offer.

Trincomalee is world renowned for its pristine beaches such as Nilaveli and Uppuveli that boast white sand and turquoise waters. It is these qualities that have made this area rather popular for various types of water sports all of which is accessible to you in your stay with us. It should also be mentioned that this area is renowned for being one of the best deep water harbors in the world and it being the worlds fifth largest natural harbour it has accumulated its own significant historical and cultural attractions as well.

 In addition to everything mentioned above you will find a strong Dutch influence here through various prominent landmarks in the area. One being Fort Frederick, situated on the Swami Rock atop which the Koneswaram temple which has been dedicated to the Hindu got Shiva sits. It is one of the main sites that reflects the significance and the diversity of Trincomalee.

If one should choose to take a short motorboat ride, Pigeon rock is a must see, it is a rocky little islet close to the Nilaveli beach that has been made famous by the iconic blue rock pigeons and also the wonderful sea life that is on display there.

If this isn’t enough, the seven hot water springs of Kanniyai of which its waters is believed to have rich and therapeutic healing values should not be missed. These are a few attractions among many that will be available to you here and if you are an adventurer who is willing to explore it all Jungle beach will be the perfect tranquil resort to come home to. Click here to learn more about Sri Lanka.